New England Stoneware Candle Houses

Ordering and Pricelist

All Capes (1/2, 3/4, & Full)   75.00  

Prices are determined by the number of pieces that must be fit together during the building process. (For instance, there are 32 pieces that must fit together to form a NE Church.) The hand building is done, much like a ginger bread house, but while the clay is still wet. A multi-layer template is made out of plastic for each plane of a building and pressed into a rolled piece of clay. Each piece of clay is then cut, the windows cut out with an Xacto knife, edges mitered, and then all pieces carefully fit together, after having scored and applied slip to each edge. At this point the work must dry slowly for an extended period of time. It is then fired to over 2000 degrees in a kiln.

If weathering is required for the final look, as in the barns and outhouses, matt undercoat glazes are used and the piece undergoes multiple firings in the kiln. After the final firing, each piece is masked, hand painted using airbrushes. Finally the piece is fitted with wood, glass, copper, or brass depending on which building is being completed.
Due to the hand working of each individual piece, no two buildings will ever look exactly alike. For this reason, when ordering, it is best to email your request. I will then let you know what is in stock and send digital pictures of your available choices.

All Capes w/ bowed roof (new ’10) 85.00  
Full Cape w/ side Ell    145.00  
Salt Box      85.00  
Narrow Colonial (no shutters)  85.00   
2 Story Colonial (no shutters)  85.00  
2 Story Colonial (w/shutters) 95.00  
Hip-roof Colonial        150.00  
Vermont Cottage  95.00  
Maine Cottage    85.00  
Farmhouse w/ Porch     195.00  
One Room Schoolhouse  175.00  
Simple Church     175.00  
Colonial Church 375.00  
English Barn       150.00  
New England Barn  275.00  
Gambrel Barn 325.00  
Sugar House   295.00  
Single Out Houses 
(painted or double = $58)




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